Azerbaijan Marriage Customs

Marriage is definitely a significant period inside the life of Azerbaijani people. It is one of the most gorgeous and richest embodiments of the spiritual values of Azerbaijan and it is made up of several periods, including matchmaking, engagement, a wedding ceremony and a festive party.

Marriage ceremony dowry in Azerbaijan: a treasure of household products and possessions

In Azerbaijan, brides’ parents provide them with a dowry of household products and home furniture. In addition to household things, the dowry includes silver jewelry and headdresses.

A lot of days prior to the wedding, the dowry is brought to the groom’s house by bride’s family. Here it is actually decorated. This way, the family unit provides the young few with all required items because of their new life collectively.

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During the wedding parties, loud music and moving are played. Drinks incorporate tea, fermented milk, sherbet, wine, bubbly and draught beer.

The dowry of the new bride is exhibited during a exceptional “paltar kesdi” ceremony that takes place at the bride’s residence. This feast day is attended only by simply women.

Before the wedding, a groom’s home meets while using the bride’s family and selects a date for the marriage. It is also a traditions for the groom’s home to give their daughter’s hand in marriage and to offer her a shawl and a lot of sweets.

Azerbaijani friends and family customs emphasize devotion, mutual online dating safety tips appreciate, honesty, azerbaijani women tolerance and respect to get older people and parents. These principles are reflected in the Azerbaijani national attitude and in the way people treat each other.